UKGBC Rising Star Award shortlist

Ben Hopkins is on the shortlist for the UKGBC’s Rising Star Award 2017



Bennetts Associates is overjoyed to learn that Ben has reached the shortlist of the UKGBC’s Rising Star Award. However, it is not surprising. For many years, Ben has worked tirelessly developing, supporting and championing sustainability in the built environment. Throughout this time, Ben has exhibited three main characteristics that illustrate his passion and dedication to the field, and these are our main three reasons for nominating him for the award.

Firstly, Ben has always taken a holistic approach to the field of sustainability and his successes cover many more bases than simply the field of sustainable architectural practice. In 2016, Ben worked on projects as wide-ranging as: masterminding Bennetts Associates’ Post-Occupancy Evaluation (POE) system; organising a workshop to introduce the National Australian Built Environment Rating System (NABERS) to our industry partners; and fundraising to redevelop a local park with the Islington Sustainable Energy Partnership (ISEP), which recently elected him as their treasurer. This holistic approach has allowed Ben to develop an incredible breadth and depth of experience, and he brings this expertise to each project he undertakes.

Secondly, sustainability isn’t just a buzzword for Ben. He dedicates a considerable amount of his time to supporting, developing and championing sustainability, both in industry and other aspects of his life. Furthermore, Ben goes above and beyond his day-to-day duties as an architect and the majority of his pursuits in the field of sustainability are undertaken during his free time.

Finally, Ben lives a sustainable existence and has by far the lowest personal carbon footprint in our office. These aspects of his life show a level of integrity that we should all aspire to replicate.