Couches on the Couch

Couches on the Couch


Podcast: Co-Founder Denise Bennetts, Director James Nelmes and ING Media join Louise and Rachel on their latest episode to discuss the topic of succession and EOT.



Bennetts Associates Co-founder Denise Bennetts and Director James Nelmes joins the popular industry podcast Coaches On The Couch in their latest episode to tall all things EOT and the practice of succession. Joining them on the discussion is Leanne Tritton, Executive Chair and Rose Marshall, Associate Director both from ING Media who recently released their report on Succession which included Bennetts Associates as one of their case studies. 

Together they conversed about the process of both companies transitioning to becoming an EOT, the challenges, what makes a functioning practice?, The differences between an EOT of an architecture PR company and an architecture practice and more. Scroll down to find the episode link.

Couches on the Couch

The worth and value of Bennetts Associates has been built by everybody that has been working in the practice over the years. We kept coming around thinking there must be a more equitable way to consider ownership; ownership and succession are basically two sides of the same coin.

Denise Bennetts


Becoming an EOT was a step up, but not a huge leap forward because Denise and Rab have always instilled this in us in a positive way. The bottom line is, we're architects and big part of what we do wanting to create great places and spaces for people. To get there, you need to run a financially stable business. The motivation is the architecture not the money but you can't get great architecture if you don't have a functioning business.

James Nelmes


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Couches on the Couch

Download and read the report by ING here