Net Zero Live

Net Zero Live


Director Peter Fisher to join the live online event taking place on 22 & 23 November.



Across the two days of Net Zero Live, the event will be taking a look at how to address some of the biggest challenges firms in the built environment are facing when it comes to decarbonisation.

Director Peter Fisher will be joining the panel to discuss Closing the performance gap alongside Alasdair Donn, Head of building performance, group sustainability, Willmott Dixon, Vicki Odili, Project director, Tp bennett and Jim Saywell, Director, Buro Happold.

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Net Zero Live

Timber Square

What to expect?

The performance gap is a well-known issue within the construction and housebuilding sectors but one that will continue to hinder efforts to reach net zero if not addressed. In this session we will look at the ways in which the project team can look to reduce the performance gap in both residential and non-residential buildings.

Our panel of experts will discuss factors that contribute to the performance gap and how this hinders sustainability efforts. We will also look to explore how designers and constructors can overcome these hurdles and the role different parts of the supply chain play in addressing issues around building performance.